FASMO  Automotive Repair & Towing LLC


This all started as just as an idea.  After kicking around that idea and working for a few other shops, I decided that I needed to do this.  Not only just for my family, but for my community as well. I have been working on cars since I was 14 years old.  I have spent my whole life under a hood or in a tow truck. I have worked for a few other mechanic shops and could see where changes needed to be made and where improvements could be made.  Since these shops were not mine, it was not my place to tell management how to run their business.  I always said "if I just had my own shop......".  Fear of the unknown kept me from moving forward on that idea. Well, in August, 2018, the "what if"  became a reality.  My wife and I purchased the building at the corner of 14th and Duss here in Ambridge.  After a lot of sweat and hard work we have become what we are today.  FASMO

Fasmo's motto is "We are family and family is our business!"  We feel that our prices are reasonable and we stand behind our work.  Stop in and say hello today!

We Can Handle Any Kind of

Auto Repair Needs!