FASMO  Automotive Repair & Towing LLC

We are dedicated to providing quality service for all your automotive repair needs.


We offer services large and small.

As well as repairing your vehicle, we do State Safety and Emissions Inspections.

Got into a mess and need an Ignition Interlock System?  We install those as well.

Got a Motorcycle?  We inspect those!

How about a trailer?  We inspect and repair those as well.

Horse and Buggy?  We can handle the buggy, just not the Horse!!!

Check engine light repair

We can see why it is on?

Oil and filter


Become a member of our frequent changer club!

Auto air conditioning service

Keeping you cool when the temperature rises.

Radiator repair service

We can fix a leak or replace before it causes MAJOR engine problems.

Car electrical repair

We can diagnose and troubleshoot wiring issues.

Gasoline engine


If it is broken or needs replaced, we got you covered!

Factory scheduled maintenance

Keep up with scheduled maintenance to keep your car running hassle free!

Brake system


If you can't stop, we can make your horn louder!!

Tire and wheel service

Uh Oh!  Flat tire?  Leaking tire?  We can handle that too!

Car tune-up service

Keep your car running for years to come.  A little TLC goes a long way.

We Can Handle Any Kind of

Auto Repair Needs!